Terms and Conditions

FitBody Retreats will not return the initial reservation deposit, this is used to secure your place and room on your retreat. The remaining balance if paid can be transferred to another retreat at a later date providing notification is given 50 days prior to retreat date.

Full balance is due if booking on 1 month before we depart. Otherwise it is a 40% non-refundable payment or other agreed amount. This payment is so we can reserve your place and your hotel room. The remainder balance is due 50 days before the retreat.

Liability Insurance

We have liability insurance, but do not have medical insurance for you coming on an activity in-case of an accident, doing the activity and your safety is your responsibility and you must insure you are covered for this prior to coming on the activity. We require photographed/scanned proof of insurance document before your retreat commences.

FitBody Retreats reserves the right to cancel a retreat in case of insufficient interest. An alternative will be sought in consultation. In case of hazardous weather conditions, including thunderstorms, storms, extreme heat, snow or sleet, a retreat can be canceled.

Applications for the training should be done through the appropriate notification system. The notification is required by the use of this system. Participants may unsubscribe up to one hour before a workout. Fees are not refunded in case of later cancellations.

 Participation FitBody Retreats workout is at your own risk. FitBody Retreats is not liable for any injury or other harm that participants might incur during or following a workout. Training recommendations are always without our liability and are followed at your own risk. Also, FitBody Retreats is not liable for damage to and / or loss of personal property from any cause whatsoever, arising during or in connection with the by FitBody Retreats organised activities.

Training can be intensive and prone to injuries. Participants should make their own consideration and assess their suitability for participation in the trainings. If you have health problems or are overweight, or if you have another reason to doubt a training participation, it is strongly encouraged to first seek advice from a physician.

FitBody Retreats reserves the right to review its participants and exclude from participation in training at their discretion if deemed unfit.

You agree to participate in the training of FitBody Retreats your own risk and on your own responsibility.

You agree that your data can be saved by FitBody Retreats. FitBody Retreats declares that the data will neither be made available to third parties nor be sold in connection with privacy legislation.

On registration you agree with the above conditions.